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CT Scans

Although CT uses comparable technology to x-rays, it offers significantly more detail than standard x-rays.

Pet CT Scans

CT Scans

At Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic, fundamental benefit of CT over x-rays is that it gives us a more detailed cross-sectional view of the body, which is especially useful when examining soft tissues and bone structures. IV contrast agents are sometimes used to improve CT pictures.

Light anaesthesia is used to keep your pet perfectly calm throughout the process even though it is painless. Routine bloodwork and chest X-rays may be carried out prior to anaesthesia since it is our top priority to keep your pet as healthy as possible so they can be good anaesthetic candidates.

SFVC is proud to be one of the only general veterinary clinics in Wisconsin to offer CT scan options/services for our patients. Board-certified radiologists will review the outcomes of your CT scans. Our CT scans are normally available in 24-48 hours, and depending on the scan’s results, additional diagnostic or therapeutic options may be considered.

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