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Litter Size Estimation Via Radiograph

Knowing what size of litter your dog is expecting will help you be prepared. Here are some tips for determining how many pups the mother dog will have, plus how to increase the chances of a larger litter.

Litter Size Estimation Via Radiograph

Litter Size Estimation Via Radiograph

At Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic, determining your dog’s litter size can be helpful in many ways. For starters, it’s important for the mother dog’s health; if the litter is determined to be too large, it may cause dystocia, the medical term for birthing complications.

Secondly, knowing the number of pups in advance may help reputable breeders determine how many new homes they’ll need to find.

We can accurately take pregnancy X-rays in the final week of gestation.

Last but not least, knowing the litter size may help estimate income for those breeders who breed more for the money.

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