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Shipping of Semen (Fresh & Frozen)

A semen sample that has been cryopreserved using liquid nitrogen for later use and then thawed before being inserted into the uterus is referred to as frozen sperm.

Shipping of Semen (Fresh & Fozen)

Shipping of Semen (Fresh & Frozen)

All breeders, whether novices or seasoned experts, must choose which sort of semen to utilize with their bitch: fresh, frozen, or fresh-chilled, as we begin another breeding season. Fresh-chilled has developed into a reliable choice for many breeding programs, as fresh isn’t always readily available locally and frozen has lower success rates. At Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic, we will collect, analyze, chill, and ship canine semen Monday through Friday, anywhere in the continental United States. From our frozen semen storage bank, Sondel Family Veterinary Clinic can prepare a cryo-shipper in 24 business hours to ship frozen canine semen anywhere in the continental United States.

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